Crackle Studies [Study CST_X0AR]

by [SSN] Technologist

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Crackle Studies -- also known as Crackling Studies -- was founded in 1984 A.D. by the prominent [SSN] technologist -- N. [N]. D. Letalis.
In the decades since there has been a concerted effort among the scientific and academic community to continue in their footsteps and map out a "crackling-pathway" to the future.

[SSN] Technologist is the anonymous pseudonym first employed by A. R. [MM] in 2016 A.D. to serve as an attributive placeholder for all studies conducted by the Crackling Studies team which they led - CS_01601149_ - a team responsible for multiple steps forward in groundbreaking Crackling Research.

The wider scientific community of post-2000 A.D. had been summarily dismayed in a years-long preamble to this current study, having advanced Crackle Studies into a thereotical "dead-lock", much like the Dark Matter/Energy dead-lock occuring within the physics community in parallel.
A. R. [MM] set out to bring about a paradigm shift which would enable the scientific community at large to progress further into the unknown reaches of Crackling Studies Technology - this included close observations and experiments surrounding the Crackling Pathways which were shown to exist travelling in non-linear trajectories through the space-time continuum.

The study you are presently experiencing, Study CST_X0AR, is the result of these pushes into the nether regions of human crackling possibility. A. R. [MM] attempted to lead the team into a void of chance-operation-led crackling - with an extreme danger of upsetting the dangerous and intricate material balance which is and/or was theroetically held in place by Quantum Crackling.

The results of this study continue to penetrate the minds of contemporary thinkers and make waves of influence upon their advances of modern Cracking Technology in the 30th century.

- The above text is an abridged quotation taken from the following publication -

Publication Title: "Crackling Studies Journal - #045 A Comprehensive History of CS_01601149_"
Author : J.M.[11049]
Date of Publication: 16/11/3149


[SSN] Technologist would like to thank the following people for their extreme scientific diligence and support - their influence within this particular field of research could not be understated and they have proven to be an immeasurably valuable resource for our work in particular ;


released November 7, 2016




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